AP human geography

Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Judaism Pages: 4 (710 words) Published: October 28, 2013
World Religions Comparison

Point of Origin?

Consider Adam the first man and Abraham to have been his descendants, and believe they come from his son, Ishmael. The origin was the birthplace of the founder Siddhartha Gautama. Israel, Eastern Mediterranean.

Existed before recorded history.
How did it spread?

Relocation diffusion, contagious diffusion, and hierarchical diffusion. Muhammad’s successors organized armies who converted people through marriage. Diffused slowly. Started to spread when emperor of Magadhan Empire, Asoka, became Buddhist and decided to send missionaries to neighboring territories. Most Jew migrated to Europe, and also some to Asia and Africa, when the Romans kicked them out of their homeland in the Eastern Mediteranean. Hinduism diffuses through its adherents migrating to a new location. Hindus have to be of a certain ethnic religion, thus most Hindus live in India. Where did it spread? Present location?

It spread through Europe, part of Africa, up through Asia, and over to North America when Europeans colonized it. It s presently dominant the western hemisphere. It spread into North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

It spread mostly to China and other neighboring countries.
It has spread to North America and Europe. Also, a small amount diffused to Asia and Africa. Most Jews live in North America or the Eastern Mediteranean. Only 15% of Jews live in Europe. Hindu has diffused lightly to countries neighboring India, but Hinduism is almost entirely concentrated in India. # followers worldwide

2 billion
1.3 billion
400 million
14 million
900 million

Founder? Who and when?

Jesus was the founder about 30 A.D.
Muhammad was the founder about 600 A.D.
The founder was
Siddhartha Gautama in about 560 B.C.
Isaac son of Abraham...
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