Approaches to Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational behavior, relates to the relationship between employees and the employers in an organization. Both are working towards the realization of the goals and objectives of any organization, and a close and fruitful coordination between the two is one of the major factors towards this realization. Organizational behavior approaches are a result of the research done by experts in this field. These experts studied and attempted to quantify research done about actions and reactions of employees, with regard to their work environments. It is a field that has begun developing only recently and new approaches and results are being expounded everyday, as more and more data comes to the forefront. There are various aspects of these theories, since each one deals with complex human behavior. The most important ones are the approaches about motivation. All of them are aimed towards motivating the members of the organization into optimizing their performance and thereby resulting in better and more improved performances. There are mainly six approaches to organizational behaviour. They are: 1) Human resources approach

2) Contingency approach
3) Productivity approach
4) Systems approach
5) Interdisciplinary Approach
6) Scientific Management Approach

* Human Resources Approach
The human resources approach is concerned with the growth and development of people towards higher levels of competency, creativity and fulfillment, because people are the central resource in any organization. This approach help employees become better in terms of work and responsibility and then it tries to create a climate in which they can contribute to the best of their improved abilities. Work satisfaction will be a direct result when employees make fuller use of their capabilities. Essentially, the human resources approach means that better people achieve better results....
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