Arch 150 Quiz 2

Topics: Angkor Wat, Qin Shi Huang, Acropolis of Athens Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: April 24, 2013
UW Department of Architecture Quiz 2 VERSION A + B

Arch 150 Spring 2012

Questions about Image Set 1: Acropolis, Athens 101. The gateway to this site, visible in the foreground at the lower right, is called the: a. Erechtheion b. Parthenon c. Temple of Hera d. Stoa of Attalus e. Propylaia 102. The main temple shown at the upper right is dedicated to: a. Athena b. Erectheus c. Portunus d. Aphrodite 103. The primary function of the main temple shown at the upper right is: a. an interior gathering space for worshippers b. a venue for religious games c. a house for the statue of a god or goddess d. a fortification high on a hill 104. The site shown in plan and reconstruction is known as the: a. Great Temple b. Agora c. Acropolis d. Sanctuary e. Palace Questions about Image Set 2: Great Stupa, Sanchi 105. This building complex is sacred to: a. Greeks b. Hindus c. Persians d. Buddhists 106. The main dome-shaped building functioned primarily as a: a. tomb b. gopuram c. treasury d. reliquary 107. This building is in: a. Angkor Wat b. Madurai c. Sanchi d. Karli Questions about Image Set 3: (questions continue on next page) Tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi 108. In general, the ancient architecture from this culture can be characterized as: a. oriented so as to emphasize the equality of all members of society. b. widely influenced by outside cultures. c. subject to dramatic changes in short periods of time. d. carefully aligned with the cardinal points (north, south, east, west).

Questions about Image Set 3: (continued) 109. This monument was built for: a. a Buddhist deity b. an emperor c. a goddess d. contemplation 110. Which of these statements BEST applies to this site? a. It is modeled on the mandala. b. It fortified the country against invasion. c. It remains partially unexcavated. d. It housed the relics of Buddha. e. It hosted games honoring the gods.

Answer each question true (a) or false (b): 111. Arches and concrete are the new...
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