Architecture Paper - 1

Topics: Parthenon, Doric order, Ancient Greece Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Architecture Paper
Shaquan R. Bozeman
Dr. Edward Zevin
July 31, 2012
University of Phoenix

Introduction: Greek and Gothic Architecture
Greek architecture flourished during the Hellenic era of Greek history. Temples were popular amongst the Greeks. They are most revered buildings in Greek architecture. Temples built in ancient Greece where used for the purpose of holding deity statues dedicated to Greek Gods and Goddess. Temples such as the Parthenon was used for holding Greek treasures. Italian writer and architect Giorgio Vasari use the term Gothic to describe culture that was “rude and barbaric.” Gothic Architecture thrived during the high and late middle ages (medieval period) in 16th century France. This form of architecture would spread throughout northern Europe. Gothic Architecture was common in many of Europe’s important structures, particularly religious churches and cathedrals. Cathedrals such as the Salisbury represented the power of the Catholic Church in Europe during this time period.

Both Greek and Gothic architectural styles were often utilized in designing places of worship. Gothic architecture was most commonly found in cathedrals of England and Western Europe, while Greek architecture was common in temple design ("Compare Gothic to Greek Architecture", 2012). This paper will examine the Greek Parthenon Temple and the Gothic Salisbury Cathedral. There were similarities and differences, in design and importance. This examination will compare and contrast the Greek and Gothic architectural styles and give insight on how the different eras influenced their importance.

The Parthenon
Construction on the Parthenon begun in 447 BC and was finish in 438 BC. The temple was dedicated to Athena the Goddess of war. It replaced the old temple of Athena, which was destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC during the Persian Invasion. The Parthenon served as a treasury building, holding many Greek treasures. The temple is...

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