Argumentative reference paper- School Uniforms

Topics: Dress code, Decision making, Education Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: November 24, 2013
School Uniforms

School Uniforms are a popular topic in the quest to improve American education. Officials say that if students can’t wear gang related colors it will make school safer, but has little effect otherwise on student behavior and achievement (“What not to Wear School…”). The American Civil Liberties Union says many parents can’t afford the costs of uniforms (Portner). Allowing students to choose their own clothing will prepare them for their careers since they will have to make decisions on how to dress professionally (“What not to Wear School…”). In Tinker v. Des Moines the court made clear that school officials may not ban student expression just because they don’t like it or because they think it might cause conflict (Haynes). School Uniforms should not be implemented since they do not work, and limit social and emotional development. Uniforms do not affect student behavior. Uniforms do not prevent clicks and fights, students will find other ways to judge each other. Even if you have uniforms dress codes would have to be enforced (Parkhare). Have little effect otherwise on student behavior and achievement. Researchers found no statistical difference between schools with and without uniforms in the district they studied (“What not to Wear School…”). David Brunsma and Kerri A. Rockqemore experimented on the effects on the effects of school uniforms and student attendance behavior, substance abuse, and academic achievement; there was no difference from before with no uniforms and after with (“School Uniforms…”). Courts rule students have freedom of speech. The biggest problem with a school uniform policy is the anti individuality message it sends (“School Uniforms Stifle Freedom of Expression”). Students need to understand that a cornerstone of our freedom is the rights of the individual over government; the collective over any non-voluntary association. Making them all look alike is a bad way to do it...
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