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Art History Paper
People in acient greece use building to show power and also use has a kingdom for kings and queens. Today we use acient Greece architecture for more government things like banks, government buildings, capital buildings ect. Anything that has to do with the government. Many government buildings use columns. The white house uses the Lonic order it has the flute,fillet, volute, and abacus. In acient Greece these building were used for kings and queens to live,till this day buildings like this are used for kings and queens. This layout of acient Greece architecture is still used to this day. Many fancy building use it.

Today we use aceient greek architecture to show class and also power. Many place that have the colums that acient Greece use you know its very fancy. ldon’t use the frieze has much.
Scranion Saving Banks resembles the Parthenon, west Elevation it has the same layout it has the same raking comice. The a difference in the colums in the scaronion saving banck they used the lonic order. It has the abacus and volute. The difference between Scaronion saving bank and acinet Greece architecture is the bank is made to last longer its made with better material than old greek building. Our building these days can take a lot more damage then building back in acient greek days. Has a result to all this its proes that over they years the way the make art its getting better the architectural field is getting better. We still use what people have showed us over the centurys greek architecture will always e around and has inspired al lot of people in the earth to do well and try new things with art.
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