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Topics: Sculpture, Ancient Greece, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: March 27, 2015
The male figure in Greek sculpture has changed significantly through time. The first period which Male Greek Sculptures were first founded was in the Geometric Period. It seems that some of the forms of art that were associated to this period were influenced from Syria. The most popular art that was found in this period was the Terra Cotta. This was a ceramic art sculpture typically made from clay that had many variations. They were small and size and made to look like a man or women but very distorted in some ways. They were cheap to make and often used as religious gift in this period. The male figures were not typically large in size and although creativity was a factor in making them, attention to detail was not. You could barely make out the different parts in the body in the male figure. In the Archaic period Greek sculpture came a very long way. During this time the Greeks began to carve in stone which was inspired by Egypt because of the monumental stone. Free standing male figures were being introduced during this time which was very different from the Terra Cotta. It was different because the free standing figures were huge in size and featured the full length body of the sculpture. Another difference was that the sculptures from this period had a great amount of detail. When making these figures sometimes the Archaic smile would be put on the sculpture to give it a more of a human characteristic feel. It was important for the Greeks to make these sculptures as human like as possible because they believed it was a way for them to picture their god in a human form such as the Strangford Apollo. In the Early Classical Period the male sculpture was still popular during this time. However more progress was made with sculptures of fully sized human figures because they were now being made with marble. Marble made these figures so much more appealing and beautiful. This was another improvement that keeps improving the Greek Male Figure through time. The...
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