Art History Style and Medium

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Style is the term used to determine when and where art is created by analyzing the uniqueness of an individual artist or a groups of artists within a certain time and place. Style can be categorized into different parts consisting of period style, regional style, representational style, and abstract style. Period style is the particular period in time in which the artwork was created. Regional style identifies where in the region the artwork was created. Representational style describes the appearance of art in ways that make it seem lifelike which includes realism, naturalism, idealization, and illusionism. Abstract style expresses art in ways that mimics lifelike appearances and includes nonrepresentational art and expressionism.

Medium or media (plural) is the material in which an artists uses to create artwork. This material is either made up of two dimensional mediums or three dimensional mediums. Two dimensional mediums include artwork such as drawings, etchings, photography, and paintings. Three dimensional mediums include artwork such as architecture, sculptures, jewelry, and containers.

This ancient Greek sculpture comes from the Hellenistic Period, generally between 323 to about 31/30 BCE. Currently located in the Vatican Museum in Rome this miraculous sculpture was discovered during the Italian Renaissance in the ruins of Titus’ palace in Rome in 1506. Created by three sculptors from the Greek Island of Rhodes, Hagesandros, Polydoros, and Athenodoros during the first century BCE it stands at eight feet tall and is made entirely of smooth marble (stone). The sculpture shows Laocoon, the Trojan priest of Apollo and his two sons, Antiphantes and Thymbraeus strangled by sea serpents sent by Athena after attempting to expose the secrets of the Trojan Horse. The artists developed a vision different from Classical Greek ancestors focusing on individual emotion by expressive themes and poses. The anguished faces of the struggling figures and...
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