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Topics: Athens, Psychology, Mind Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: May 2, 2010
When the word “art” comes to mind, I think about a painting. I think about the colors blending together to create an image. However, thinking a little more I think about a sculpture and its smooth, about the story and emotions it expresses. Art in general for me is something beautiful and expressive. Although beautiful as well, I never thought about architecture in the category of art until this week’s reading.

In this week’s reading about the Parthenon, it is interesting to learn the background of classical Greece and the great efforts that were made to create art in order to reflect the greatness of Greece. All throughout, the Parthenon has been referred to and analyzed as a work of art. At first, I thought it was strange because I would never think of a building itself as art. I was just saw see it as some physical location. However, I realized that my definition of art might have been faulty. I realized art can be any product of creativity that was meant for one to observe visually and analyze. It was meant as a means of expression.

The Parthenon, in my opinion, definitely falls into that category. In the reading Art and Experience in Classical Greece, I learn that the Parthenon incorporates different modes of art from architecture to sculpture deliberately for political, cultural, and religious purposes. It is a reflection and “glorification of Athens as a political power and cultural ideal” (Pollitt 65) through its grandeur. Such grandeur is evident in things such as the “thickening of its corner columns…and the curvature of horizontals” (Pollitt 66). Each part from the columns to the sculpting on it seems to have a purpose. I think especially for its time as J.J. Pollitt appears to be conveying, this was and still is an impressive work of art.
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