Art Work Project: Nalanda Monastic University

Topics: Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Mahayana Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: November 25, 2013

Humanities 1
Art Work Project
Nalanda Monastic University

One of the most influencing factors of Buddhism expansion and success in spreading the Buddha doctrine was the use of retreats and parks as monasteries, from the very time of Buddha Shakyamuni. While the followers of the Buddha started increasing over time with monks and nuns including all non-ordained or lay people, they quickly came with the need to find a place for shelter mainly from the heavy rains and other adverse weather conditions this was the origin of the used of parks and building that were donated by the laity to accommodate the monastic community. These retreats were called arama or sngharama and one of the most renowned was Jetavanarama from Sravasti. The monastic tradition of Buddhism is probably the oldest in the world, and certainly been the most widespread geographically and culturally, and we can say that after a short time after the attainment of Buddha enlightenment he had five disciple established in Benares, in Deer Park after the Buddha first discourse, and by the end of the first year the community had several hundred members and it took no too long when the Buddha had thousands of followers and this quickly spread to all over Asia, so we can see the importance and key the monastic community had in keeping the tradition as intact as possible Many of the scriptures from the Canon describe that many of the first disciple renounced the wealth and lay life simply on hearing the Buddha speak and other said that the renounced their luxury life and comfort because a very intense admiration and inspiring character and his very powerful personality, and in some other cases the renunciation was because the desire to imitate him, but getting ordain really had a very diverse and wide aspect like the most common motive was the need to find an ideal for a more profound and better way of life. The main activities of a monk were meditation, the study and...

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