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Topics: Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games, Greece Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Baker, J. William, “Organized Greek Games”: Golden, M. Richard, The Social Dimension of Western Civilization, 1982, 58-66

In the article, “Organized Greek Games”, the author, William J. Baker’s goal was to educate on the difference between Olympic Games as they are today, compared to Olympic Games as they used to be in ancient Greece. In this article, William Baker also described to us, the relationship between the ancient Olympic Games, and Greek religion, what some of the Greek philosophers thought of the Olympic Games, and the role of athletics in general, in ancient Greek Society. William Baker’s article, “Organized Greek Games”, went along very well with his thesis statement; which was, “Virtually everyone knows that the modern Olympics are patterned on the Olympic Games of ancient Greece, yet few people have more than a hazy understanding of the original Olympics.” (pp.58) William J. Baker organized this article in chronological order. An example, showing this article being in chronological order, is that when he is describing what is going on during the days devoted to the ancient Greek Olympic Games, he discusses and describes everything in order by the days that they will happen. In this article, William J. Baker covers a lot of history from the year 776 B.C., when the Olympic Games were started, to 350 B.C., where Baker states that “Not until about 350 B.C., was housing provided for the athletes, and even then it was too Spartan for comfort.” William J. Baker got his information from primary sources; such as, Socrates, Ancient philosophers, Milo of Crotan, the Republic, and Plato. (Article, pp.61, 65, 66) There was in fact no bibliography written for the article, “Organized Greek Games”. There were also no footnotes used in this article to further explain what was being discussed. However, footnotes were not necessarily needed in this article because William J. Baker made this article very simple to read and comprehend. The words that he...
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