Artistic Themes from Ancient Cultures Paper

Topics: Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: November 29, 2011
All individuals want to strive for perfection in their lives. Perfection can be a hard task to complete if the individual is not mentally or physically prepared to work towards it. Perfection can only be met to a certain degree. No individual is perfect or have a perfect life, therefore perfection is the limit the individual sets for themselves. During the Greek and Roman time periods the individuals also sought for perfection at any cost. Perfection can lead to competition as well as war at times.

Perfection is what all individuals desire to have in their lives whether it is thru their lives in general, family or friends relations, career, or even schooling. In order for individuals to achieve his or her perfection they must strive for it until they feel accomplished. All individuals have faults and make mistakes throughout the lives they live. Even when he or she strives for perfection there will be faults and mistakes that are made and need to be overcome. Individuals think of perfection as being perfect and flawless. No perfectionist is flawless no matter what goals and obstacles they have achieved. Perfection can be an individual’s worst enemy because so much time is being spent to be perfect that their lives have been over consumed with stress and nothing but reaching the goals they have set. The motto in the world is that no individual is perfect. “If you look close enough at all of the great names in recorded history you will see that besides their crowning achievements they also carried with them the faults and mistakes of the average person. John Lennon beat his first wife, Martin Luther King Jr. had extramarital affairs…Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Einstein, and even Mother Theresa must have done things that were socially or morally unacceptable” (Somer, 2006). Striving for perfection is the best an individual can do in his or her lives, no matter what area it is.

Striving for perfection is reflected in the cultural and world developments from the...

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