Assignment: Organizational Studies and Analysis Report

Topics: Organizational studies, Management, Organization Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Individual Assignment 3 (20%)

For this assignment, read the instructions and provide analysis on the ten topics listed. Before you begin, review the General Instructions for all Written Assignments (in Assignments).

·Select an organization and arrange an interview with someone in a managerial position. ·Discuss with the interviewee ten (10) specific OB topics; and ·Prepare and submit a document summarizing your organizational behaviour analysis and a specific analysis of your findings related to the questions below. ·When arranging the interview, and developing your interview questions, be realistic as to how much time you require. Providing the interview questions to the interviewee ahead of time is likely to be appreciated. Address only the required ten (10) topics; and include only these in your analysis report. This analysis report is the assignment. ·There are no page requirements for the analysis report. Include all relevant analysis and be concise. Edit carefully. ·Marks are allocated for the thoroughness of coverage of the ten required topics listed below, and their analysis – linkages to appropriate OB theory; linkages to the text. ·It is not enough to just describe the happenings in the organization, or the responses to the interview questions. ·Analysis that includes the effectiveness of the current approach is required for each of the ten topics. ·Use each topic as a heading in your analysis report.

·Offer a recommendation on how to improve the organization’s practices in each topic area.

Specific Requirements
The analysis report is to identify:
·the name of the interviewee (real name optional)
·name of the organization (real name optional); and
·the industry or nature of the organization.
If necessary for confidentiality purposes, fictitious names can be used.
The required ten (10) topics to be covered, and subjected to analysis, are:
1.Organizational Design and Structure...
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