Athens and Sparta

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Athens and Sparta
Athens and Sparta had many similarities and differences. They were both city-states in Greece, although they had very different characteristics. Athens and Sparta had different forms of government, economies, and interests. Athens was a lot more laid back and about the individual. They had artists and writers where Sparta had soldiers. Sparta was all about what was good for Sparta.

Athens had one of the first Democracies. This was huge because before Democracy their were people ruling Empires that had unlimited power that passed down through family generations. They also were a center of commerce since they were in the middle of the Mediterranean sea it was a perfect place for people to stop and trade supplies from many other diverse lands. Athens became very diverse because of all of the different people coming there to trade, bringing different customs with them and since they were a democracy they allowed different customs to influence them and because of this arts, literature and philosophy flourished. In Athens boys and some girls went to school to be educated but unlike Sparta Athenians learned science, how to read, and write. Athens society was a patriarchy since it was male dominated. They also had time for leisure unlike Sparta.

Sparta was a very different place not to far away; they had a strict military Oligarchy that controlled everything because Sparta was focused on what was good for Sparta not the individual. Sparta depended on serfs to produce food since they weren’t a center of trade like Athens. Everything in Sparta was organized to support the military. Their boys would go too military training instead of school where they would learn to fight, be tough, and the art of stealth. The girls would learn athletic training. Family life was not strong in Sparta; they kept families apart. Women would stay at home, men fought in wars till they were old, and then they served in the government, boys would go off...

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