Athens vs. Sparta (500 Bc)

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You have to consider Greek life and ideals, education revolved around a single institution called the city-state. The aim was to revolutionize the daily necessities of life in goods and freedom. With the establishment of the city, changes took place in the relations of society. There were two functions, old religious dispensations in society by blood and land. From this came the separation between church and state practiced by Athens. Within the city-states, Athens formed a social bond, a development of material and spiritual power. Besides following the internal laws of a town, relations to the institutions of administrative, judicial, and military was a duty for all citizens.

Education as we know it was not quite the same. Young boys and girls spent the day doing exercises, singing, reading, and writing. Mathematics, science, and geography were left to the priests and scholars. The educational differences between Athens and Sparta were significant, as Sparta had not fully embraced general education. They were taught to read and write, but never delved into the sciences, primarily athletic activities.

Athens produced many plays written by famous writers like Aristophanes and Sophocles. It was not all entertainment, the Athenians excelled in math and science. Their contribution of astronomy, geometry, physics, and medicine influenced western civilization. Athens produced many plays written by famous writers like Aristophanes and Sophocles that were either comedies or tragedies.

Since Sparta did not go beyond basic education, preferring free time to enjoy entertainment, they did cultivate writers and poets who gave us “The Iliad” and “Odyssey”, adventures of dutiful men.

Religious institutions were dotted thought out the city to conduct marriages, worship the gods, and religious services to improve their morals. Here, the chief magistrate could administer civil affairs. Although the Athenian government was opposed to the aristocratic governments...

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