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Topics: Sparta, Athens, Battle of Thermopylae Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: May 9, 2015
Jackie Padilla Yanez
Rolf Gaudard
Western History
April 11, 2015
Differences of Spartan and Athenian Society
In the first millennium in ancient Greece there were two similar but very different city states Sparta and Athens. Athens was the capital and largest of all the surrounding city states and was named after the Goddess Athena it was located in the Attica region. Sparta was smaller Sparta was in the Laconian.

Even though both Sparta and Athens were greek they were drastically different in their way of life, customs and politics. It was a rivalry and almost complete opposite in every way imaginable. From politics to family life they each treated the people so differently especially the woman. Spartan’s were a very militaristic state this was not a choice it was mandatory. The Spartans believed that everyone should be trained and be kept strong at all times. The men were taken at the age of 7 from their homes to start training with the military. They were taught to live on the most minimal to survive. The boys would not be given shoes so that their feet would get hard and accustomed to walking and running on rocks and dirt. The same type of clothing all year round so that they could survive in all types of weather. They were fed only enough to give them nutrients and keep them lean and strong. In Sparta everyone was allowed to have an education including woman. Everyone in Sparta needed to be healthy and strong and were forced to become athletic In Athens it was the complete opposite boys went to school and were very well taken care of. They were able to eat as much as they wanted and were able to dress to protect from the elements and were allowed to wear shoes.

The women of Sparta were also treated
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