This is a basic case study about urban problems in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Problems described are prostitution drugs and traffic...

Topics: Red-light district, Prostitution, Drug addiction Pages: 4 (1121 words) Published: October 9, 2003
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Urban problems in Amsterdam

Introduction:Amsterdam, a city of exquisite beauty and unimaginably rare cultural items & artifacts. That's how we all know Amsterdam to be, that is what one call's a stereotype. Unfortunately, the truth is far from this. In fact, there are quite a few extremely severe urban problems there. The reason why I chose Amsterdam as the target city of my essay is my sincere interest in this city. I have always been fascinated by the rich culture of Amsterdam... But I could never have imagined that a city of this status could have so many problems. This essay will describe the major problems, and also give some slight advices and theories on how to improve the condition of this magnificent city.

Evidence:Since Amsterdam is such a big city, the crime rates are quite high. No wonder, if you consider how much money is exchanged in the form of art and jewelry! The largest diamond in the world has been cut there, Rembrandt's paintings have been sold & painted there, in other words, it is a rogue's heaven... Not to mention that Amsterdam is one of Europe's most important and largest port cities. And one form of organized crime which goes with sailor's all around the world, is prostitution, though prostitution is perfectly legal in Holland. Probably due to this Amsterdam is very famous (or infamous) for its Red Light Districts. Also drugs are a major problem there, as some of the drug addicts might just die in the middle of the street due to over dosage in broad daylight, even though Marijuana is the only "legal" drug in Netherlands... Here's some statistics about the problems;

* 80,000 - 100,000 unemployed

* 18,000+ illegal immigrants

* 3,000+ homeless

* 7,000 drug addicts of which some 2,000 live on the streets.

* 8,000 prostitutes of which 80% operate in Amsterdam's central red-light district.

* Increasing incidence of violent and racist crime.

Also, since Amsterdam is so densely populated...

Bibliography: Author: Isabel Conway
Date: December 10, 2002
Date: September 1, 2003
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