battle of salamis

Topics: Ancient Greece, Battle of Thermopylae, Athenian democracy Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: November 11, 2013
As much as The Battle of Salamis was a significant victorious accomplishment for the Greek Navy, it was equally as important to the Persians as subdue against their Empire. As the reader embarks on a journey into a review on one of the greatest battle of all times, here is a brief summary about the Author, his background and the battle of Salamis through his eyes. Barry Strauss is currently the professor of history and classics at the prestigious Cornell University. He has been published countless times in well-known books and scholarly journals as well as in The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times.

In his Book, The Battle Of Salamis- “The Naval Encounter That Saved Greece—and Western Civilization”, Barry Strauss illustrates scenes on Ancient Greece that bring the Story to life. Strauss informs the reader on the account leading up to the battle, the events instantly preceding the battle, the battle itself and the repercussion. Strauss’s objective is clear and supported with evidence throughout the text; to persuade the reader on the content of the encounter that saved Greece and the Western Civilization, and to inform the reader why this battle was so significant for the growth of Greece and western civilization. To exemplify this, an excessive amount of Supporting details are suggested.

In the text, the reader is left wondering with a very small amount of information on the battle of Salamis and how the conclusion came about. Despite the limited number of sources Strauss attained to support the evidence in the text, Strauss makes up for it with a vast figure of speculation on action, motives and conclusions. With the information he does exhibit, Strauss organizes his material in sections. The depiction leading up to the battle, the events after the battle, the battle itself and the outcome, therefore infers a logical causal sequence. Each section is a number of chapters in length, and each chapter begins with a picture of one of the key individuals...
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