benefit sending parents to old folk house

Topics: Geriatrics, Ageing, Old age Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: March 14, 2014
Making the decision as to whether or not to place elderly
parents in a nursing home is one that many people face at
some point or another, as their parents age progresses and
their health begins to deteriorate. It is by far one of the
toughest decision adult children have to make in terms of their parents futures, and it can come with a tremendous amount of stress and guilt. While some individuals are equipped to take complete care of their elderly parents, others are not even if they would like nothing more than to do so. When working on

making this extremely hard decision it is important for these people to know that despite their overwhelming sense of
obligation and feelings of guilt, life in a nursing home for their elderly parents does have its benefits, many of which they
themselves may not always be able to provide.
First and foremost, while residing at a nursing home, elderly people are provided with around the clock care as needed.
They are well staffed with caregivers who are trained in the area’s of care that many elderly people with failing health need such as administering medications orally and through
injections, assistance with walking and personal care, and
dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients if this might be the case. When elderly parents live with their grown up
sons and daughters their children may need to work, even if
only part-time, and may not be able to give them the
constant supervision and care that they need. This can
ultimately be dangerous and not in the best interest of the
elderly parents, despite their children’s very best intentions. This is one key area in which a nursing home is better suited in caring for the elderly people as opposed to their children. Secondly, while living at a nursing home, elderly people get to socialize with, and enjoy the company of, other people of their own age group. Nursing homes offer a wide variety of social

activities for their residents from bingo and card games, to...
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