Binus MM Executive Batch 20 Evergreen Project Group I

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Evergreen Project
One-Stop Age-Friendly
Solutions for Seniors
Binus Business School
MM Executive Batch 20
Alexander Christian
Dina Sandri Fani
Jenna Widyawati
Ridwan Martawidjaja

Why Evergreen Project? – The World’s Context
Seniors are the fastest growing population in the world…


2 billion people will be aged 60 and
older by 2050. This represents both
challenges and opportunities


of older persons in
high-income countries
have experienced some
form of maltreatment
at home

Evergreen Project

Proportion of the world’s population
over 60 years will double from about
11% to 22% between 2000 and 2050



Why Evergreen Project? – The World’s Context
… lead to the rise of the need for long-term care


The world will have more people who
live to see their 80s or 90s than ever
The number of people aged 80 years or
older will have almost quadrupled between
2000 and 2050 to 395 million.

Lose of their ability to live
Resulted to the need of long-term care, that
include home nursing, community care and
assisted living, residential care and long stays
in hospitals

Evergreen Project

of people aged 85 or older have some
degree of cognitive decline



Why Evergreen Project? – The World’s Context

Evergreen Project


Dramatic increase in the number of people with forms of dementia

Why Evergreen Project? – The World’s Context

Evergreen Project


As an impact, number of people living with Alzheimer’s disease will be also increasing

Why Evergreen Project? – Indonesia’s Context
Proportion of seniors will be doubled up over two decades while Alzheimer’s on the rise in Indonesia









 The proportion of aging population
will grow larger over the two
 Indonesia will be having 14.4%
seniors out of its population by the
end of 2035.
ASEAN+6 Population Forecast: Global Share, Aging, and
Dependency Ratio. 2013 Report

Potential market for OAFS business!!!



of Indonesian suffer
from Alzheimer’s
disease in 2011

3 million

Evergreen Project

1 million

Patients with
disease in 2050

Evergreen Project – The Prototypes
2 business model ready to be tested further, i.e. Alzheimer’s Center for Seniors and All-in-One Day Care Center

Alzheimer’s Family Services Center

All-in-One Day Care Services

A home for senior lives with Alzheimer.
Provides expert daily care and family
support tailored to individual needs to
improve the quality of life for families
challenged by Alzheimer’s disease

A multi-functional care facility
provided to the elderly and the kids
under one single roof



Evergreen Project


Evergreen Project – The Theory U Journey

• Direct observation at Panti Jompo
Wisma Mulia Jelambar
• Live interview with care givers and
the seniors
• 2-day direct
observations at Rukun
Senior Living, Sentul
• Live interview with the
seniors, care givers,
and marketing team

• Direct observation at Panti Sosial
Tresna Wredha Budhi Dharma Bekasi

Evergreen Project


Direct observations through several day care services for elderly people

Evergreen Project – The Theory U Journey
What we saw with an open mind (1/2)
Not confirmed

Seniors do not want to spend
their remaining life at day care

Voluntary enrollment
in some cases

They will not be happy if they
choose to stay at day care center
– feeling of being dumped

At the first 2 weeks,
but feel happy

Asian people are turning their
backs on tradition with regards
to their ageing parents

Wise thoughtful...
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