Black-Figure Amphora

Topics: Greek mythology, Black-figure pottery, Dionysus Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Black-Figure Amphora
Issa Jackson
ARH 2150

The Unknown, Greek, Attic black-figure Amphora, was made in 520 – 510 BCE, during the Archaic period which was from 600-480 BCE. The medium is terracotta, the piece is sixteen inches and it was a Museum Purchase. At the beginning of the transition into the archaic art lost its geometric and rigid style and transformed into a more natural and real. The human figure changed from being triangular to more realistic anatomically correct human forms. These figures usually represented illustrations of epic tales. Also during this time the notable “archaic smile” was introduced. Because of this transition, Artists with a concentration in pottery were able to fully become proficient in the skill of the Corinthians, while in Athens. The term “attic” is derived from the word Athenian because of the area that surrounds it. In this location black figure pottery was very high in demand in markets and the rest of the Mediterranean region. Terra-cotta was widely used in pot making during the archaic period. There was two different types of techniques that were used to decorate the pot. One was red- figure, and the other was black-figure. The names describe the processes of how these types of pieces are made. The amphora is a black figure piece. The amphora was a popular piece in Ancient Greece. They style of the jar was usually sculpted to have a tapering base and neck with a wide body that had two handles. An amphora is a vessel for storing or transporting honey, water, wine or olive oil. The process that was used to make this black figure piece was first you had to sculpt the piece, and then the artist would paint black figures on the amphora using slip made from clay and water. Then they would take a sharp tipped tool and draw into the black figure to reveal the orange clay below. The piece was fired in three different stages. The process they used included altering with the amount of oxygen allowed I during...

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