Topics: Suffering, Four Noble Truths, Buddhism Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: November 25, 2012
1. What are the Four Noble Truths?
-Four things that are facts for are Nobel or awaken person. 1. Nobel truth of suffering
2. Nobel truth of the origin of suffering
3. Nobel truth of the substation of suffering
4. Nobel truth of the path that leads to the substation of suffering

2. Why did the Buddha share this teaching?
-The Buddha shared his teaching July of 1996, 2 day teaching in London. Buddha got an invite by 26 different groups who are a part of the organization networks of the UK. It was the first time giving the lectures in the west in such detail. It also was the first in modern history that a major teacher was requested and attended by origin clergy from just about every Buddhist nominated. He taught Buddhism because he believes that people should be happy for other people’s happiness.

3. What is the main goal of understanding and practicing the Four Noble Truths? What is the most important Noble Truth? -Four truths help us realize suffering one by one. The main goal is the more self-conscious we are the more we suffer. The main reason is to be happy for others. When a person is jealous or greedy they feel suffer when they don’t get praise but if they could feed off of others happiness’s then they could be happy to.

4. Why are the Four Noble Truths mistakenly referred to as pessimistic? -The four Nobel truths are mistakenly referred to as pessimistic because the suffering is ignitable.

5. What is the common misunderstanding that leads people to believe Buddhism is pessimistic or nihilistic?
- People don’t understand its meaning and think it’s superficially. Most common misunderstandings are about the teaching, “life is suffering” “out-worldly” and “emptiness”.

6. What is the madhyamika-prasangika (developed by the monk Nagarjuna and his pupil Chadrakirti) path also referred to as?
-To explore and observe; nothing exist absolutely in dependently isolation of exist for its causes and conditions....
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