Topics: Suffering, Buddhism, Gautama Buddha Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Based on Buddha’s teachings, I would think that Asoka tried to model his ruling based on the Dharma of Buddha. Before Asoka’s conversion to Buddhism, he caused many people to suffer. After the conversion, Asoka realized the pain he’s caused many people and felt responsible for it. Asoka’s new found faith in Buddhism, cause him to install a new form of government policies for the entire kingdom. “My highest officials, who have authority over larger numbers of people, will expound and spread the percepts of Dharma.” (HR Pg.145) He was so enlightened by the teaching of Buddhism that he wanted everyone to adopt his beliefs to help stop their personal suffering. While critics can argue that this is a form of socialist, in the eyes of Buddhist, this is a way to promote compassion, gentleness, and truthfulness; important conceptions are focused around the religion. He believed that if everyone practiced Buddhism, they would be content. In Source 31, it is easy to tell that Asoka was affected by Dharma. “The edict on Dharma has been inscribed so that my sons and great-grandsons who may come after me should not think new conquest worth achieving. If they do conquer, let them take pleasure in moderation and mild punishments.” (HR Pg.145) I think this quote shows how much Buddha really meant to Asoka in his implication of the religion for everyone. From the Pillar Edict VII, it seems that Asoka tried to live righteously and follow the commandments of Buddhism. For example, in the edict Asoka states, “These and many other high officials take care of the distribution of gifts from myself as well from the queens.” (HR pg. 145.) I think that Buddha will agree with the way that Asoka tried to share the wealth with the poor. Buddha would also support Asoka making up for all the pain and death he cause in his conquests and other kingdoms. One could argue that Asoka has an over-glorified view of Dharma and did more harm than good. On the other hand, others could say that Buddha...
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