Buddhism and Judaism

Topics: Judaism, Religion, God Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Terry James Wright
World Religions July 08, 2013 Three reasons why I believe Buddhism and Judaism are not compatible. Buddhism noted founder was simply a man born to a man and a woman. He was no spiritual deity as was the son of God (Jesus). The Buddha was rich and cared for in kingly fashion. His father was known as a great Prince who had protected his son from being exposed to regular life suffering. The Buddha lived in a well protected environment provided by his father the Prince. ON the other hand the way of life’s everyday suffering and life’s everyday triumph was common to the Judaism believers. The Judaism belief provided believing in one God and one God alone. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who were all Jewish patriarchs. NO human being ever did anything nor could they do anything that will warrant them bowing down to another human being as their God as did the mother who had to bow to the guru that turned out to be her son Sheldon. Another reason is because of the creation story itself of man becoming a living soul after God blew his breath into the nostril of man causing him to be a living soul. A man of any ability cannot form man from the dust, blow into his nostril, and cause him to be spirit, body and soul. With Judaism being based from the Hebrew Bible, it does not conquer with the belief of Buddhism, knowing that the Buddha himself was a man born, born from human beings with no special powers from the heavens, just that he was wise in philosophy of peace, of nonattachment, and freedom through meditation. Last, but not least, is the spirituality point of view. In my opinion, worshiping and obeying God’s commandments was something that was essential back when both temples existed. By not worshiping God as he deserved,...
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