Buddhism- Critical Thinking Paper

Topics: Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Nirvana Pages: 3 (532 words) Published: October 10, 2011
October 3, 2011

Buddhism- Critical Thinking Paper

Part One:


Buddhism was founded by Prince Siddhartha Gautama. His father the king kept him sheltered from the world. He never witnessed sadness, hungry, pain, or the aging. On four occasions he had visions of people sick, hungry and dying. After having the visions he left his family and his home to go out to experience the world on the “Great Renunciation”. For six years he had very little to eat or drink. Finally one day while sitting under a fig tree, (Bodhi-tree of wisdom). He was enlightened about the way life should be. He had reached nirvana (the highest level of knowledge). Once he reached nirvana he changed his name to Buddha (meaning: the Enlightened One).


Buddha gave the Sermon at Benares to share what he had discovered during his meditation under the fig tree (Bodhi-the tree of wisdom). He thought the Four Nobles and Eightfold Noble Path. His belief was if you stopped desire you would not suffer. You can obtain what is called the Middle Way when you use moderation. This is to keep you from desire.


The meaning of Buddhism is to find inner peace. To be removed from life’s desires.


There is a sense of morality in Buddhism. It is taught not commit adultery, or to steal, or to lie. They look at stealing and adultery as somewhat the same. To commit adultery is like stealing someone else’s partner.


The destiny for a Buddhist is to reach nirvana, totally enlightened and to be wise about life.

Buddhism- Critical Thinking Paper

Part two:


Buddhism was founded by an Asian prince who was on a six year quest for knowledge and wisdom. Christianity was created by God though his inspired words, through prophets and the teachings of Jesus.


Buddhism’s identity is peace and wisdom. Their search is for nirvana (enlightenment), to find inner peace, to not have to return to earth after death. To go to...
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