Buddhism: The Middle Way and the Eight-Fold Path

Topics: Noble Eightfold Path, Buddhism, Gautama Buddha Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: December 8, 2007
A life without a meaning and a purpose is not desirable. Buddhism is a very practical religion with moral and ethical codes to guide people in their lives. It fits people into a successful world. It claims that people achieve happiness without worrying about the spiritual life. Buddha (enlightened one) said that the real problem was that people tried to attain unattainable and tried to obtain unobtainable. Buddha would tell people to forget about it, not to worry about it and stop trying to obtain unobtainable. What people want is something they can do. Buddhism seeks personal happiness through discovering what people can achieve and finding their proper destiny in life. Buddha was convinced that human beings should live free from suffering and that such a life was possible. Buddha said that living a good life leads to nirvana. "Buddhism takes as its goal the escape from suffering and the reincarnation with the attainment of Nirvana. It emphasizes meditation and the observance of moral percepts" said Dr. Dominguez. Buddha gives people the Middle Way as the direction to enlightenment. Buddha teaches that suffering always exists in life, and what cause suffering are ignorance, desire and craving. He believes that people can overcome desires, and he gives the Middle Way (Eightfold Path) to stop suffering. One should follow his Eightfold Path to live a good life free from suffering. These Eightfold Paths are:

– Right View: knowledge of suffering, and knowledge of the cessation of suffering

– Right Thought: thought of renunciation and harmlessness

– Right Speech: refraining from lying, slander, harsh and frivolous speech

– Right Action: refraining from taking life, taking what is not given and sexual conduct

– Right Livelihood: give up wrong livelihood

– Right Effort: prevent the arising of unarisen evil, win over evil thoughts in the mind

– Right Mindfulness: stop craving and worrying about the world

– Right Concentration: detach from...
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