Burke Litwin Model

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Burke-Litwin: Understanding Drivers for Change
There are many reasons that change occurs in organisations. Building on the Burke-Litwin model of organisational change and performance, this article will help you identify different drivers of change and consider the implications for you as a change manager. The Model

The Burke-Litwin model[1] shows the various drivers of change and ranks them in terms of importance. The model is expressed diagrammatically, with the most important factors featuring at the top. The lower layers become gradually less important. The model argues that all of the factors are integrated (to greater or lesser degrees). Therefore, a change in one will eventually affect all other factors.

The Burke-Litwin model
Burke-Litwin believe environmental factors to be the most important driver for change. Indeed, most change can be traced back to external drivers for change. Important elements of organisational success, such as mission and strategy, leadership and organisational culture, are often impacted by changes that originate outside the organisation. It is your job to understand these external changes and identify the implications for you and your team.

Identifying and Dealing with Drivers for Change
1. External Environment
This includes such factors as markets, legislation, competition and the economy. All of these will have consequences for organisations, and, as a change manager, it is vital that you

continually scan the environment for issues that will affect you and your team. For example, in the world of accountancy, International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards will have a significant impact on the way companies manage their accounts and report their results. In the public sector, legislative changes across health, local government and other services have a direct impact on the work organisations are required to carry out.

2. Mission and Strategy
An organisation’s mission articulates...
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