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This assignment has been written by instructions and guidance of Mr. Olusola Leigh who encouraged and challenged me through my academic program.  I sincerely thank him for his guidance and constant support. I am really glad to have him as my course instructor. I would also like to thank the authors, web site publishers, news writers as well as many others from where I have got information to write this assignment.  A special thanks to all the authors mentioned in the Reference page. Moreover, I would like to thank Williams College for giving us this golden opportunity to study BA (Hons) Strategic Tourism Management with such valuable resources and facilities. Finally, I would like to thank my friends, family members and especially my parents for their support they have given us throughout our course. My sincere regards and thanks to all of them and to all who have supported me directly and indirectly in completing this report effectively And especially to Almighty, who made all things possible.

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Sk. Masum Billah

Abstract Sex tourism has been booming recent years especially in developing country. It is becoming one of the main economic sources in many countries such as Thailand, Philippine, Morocco, Kenya, Brazil, Gambia, Mexico and so on. However there are some bad impacts of sex tourism to the native society. The main purpose of this study is to understand the nature of sex tourism and explore the negative and positive impact of sex tourism. Attempt also has been taken to identify the facts that drive sex tourism and the dark sides of this booming industry.

Terms of Reference:
The purpose of this assignment is purely for academic reasons; this assignment has been made primarily to complete the module of “Investigative studies” under the course BA (Hons) Strategic Tourism Management (top-up) which I am studying.

“Sex Tourism problems and prosperity in developing country” Introduction:
Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and a key component has been rise of sex tourism. Sex tourism or romance tourism is one of the world’s controversial and fastest growing industries. This is growing similar to the tourism industries itself. Sex tourism is a multibillion dollar business which benefits airlines, taxi, restaurants, and hotel industries as well as sex industries. As tourism becomes a regular phenomenon and tourist number is being increased, tourist’s expectation of new sites, attractions and experiences has grown more complex. Travellers sought for at least one occasion or specific forms of tourism that meet their personal needs. Lots of tourists from developed or western country travel to developing country with the aim of buying sex. Most popular sex tourism destinations in the world are Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Philippines, Colombia, Tunisia, Gambia, Indonesia, Morocco, Mexico, Ecuador, and Thailand. It generates lots of foreign revenue in local economy and creates employment for locals. While, this industry is condemned for several reasons such as women trafficking, introduce of child sex, force prostitutions, drugs involvement and health reason. It also damages native countries reputations and its culture as well. Aims of the study:

The main purpose of this study is to create a greater understanding about sex tourism phenomenon, moreover identify the sex tourist and sex worker and evaluate the reasons behind this motivation. More specifically who visits such a destinations, who and why involves such kinds of profession or services. And finally, explore the positive and negative impact of sex tourism to the society. Furthermore, this study is also to discover the dark side of this sex tourism industry....

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