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Department of Business
In conjunction with Edexcel
Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business
Assessment Information
Unit No & Name:
Unit 4: Business Communication level 3
Lecturers/Assessor Name:
Rachel Adedeji
Date Set:
w/c Nov 2013
Assignment Name:
3 of 3 corporate communications
Submission Date:
w/c Dec 2013

Edexcel Unit Code
Assessment Type:
Internal (Portfolio)
Unit Credit Value

Internal Standardisation
Assignment Brief
Rachel Adedeji
Assessor 1
Rachel Adedeji
Internal Verifier:
Maxine Halford
Assessor 2


Internal Verifier(s):
Maxine Halford
Assessment Resources
Name of Document/File
Assignment Brief:
Unit 4: Business Communication

Unit Specification:
See VLE or\Qualifications

Feedback Header Sheet:
CF015 will be attached for formative and summative feedback

Learning Outcomes relevant to assignment linked to:-
3 Understand the issues and constraints in relation to the use of business information in organisations Level 2
Unit 1: Business Purposes
Unit 17: Starting a Small Business
Level 3
Unit 26: Managing Business Information (10)
Task Submission Dates
3a/b p2 p3
3c P4
3d/e D2
w/e 6th Dec
w/e 13th Dec
w/e 20th Dec
Performance Criteria Assessed in this assignment:
Note that this IS / NOT a whole Unit assignment.



Comments and links to other units: Note: All tasks must be completed by the deadlines set. Failure to do so may mean that the higher grades may not be obtained. Evidence may be submitted for other units stated above but put into context. Make sure you xref to grade.

Task 3a/b to be completed by 6th Dec
a) You need to produce and analyse THREE separate pieces of business information relevant to Havering College. You will explain the factors that have contributed to the preparation and presentation of the THREE pieces of business information. b) Being able to communicate appropriately with a variety of students is your success in your role. Havering College has decided to offer a wider range of vocational courses in Construction and Plumbing from this academic year thereby expanding the Hornchurch building and for this reason you are required to : Task 3a meets p2 criteria

Task 3b meets with P3. criteria
1. Identify 3 pieces of business information you will use
2. Design a leaflet informing employees of a new programme that has started that allows staff to volunteer in their local community for as much time as they can spare. This can be any role and in any organisation of their choice. 3. Design a new webpage for students, giving detailed information on the various activities available in the College. This should include ideas of the departments where the activity can be carried out 4. Review the college’s latest OFSTED report and prepare a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation supported by a verbal explanation of its findings. This will be made available to parents on parents evening 5. Explain the factors that have influenced the way you have presented your THREE pieces of business information.

Evidence for P2 -present complex internal business information using three different methods appropriate to the users’ needs

Resources: BTEC Level 3 Book 1 Textbook

Evidence for p3. produce corporate communications
1. Design an advertisement that will appear in the local paper as well on the school’s website and entrance 2. Ensure the advertisement has the required detail to allow users to access the information being presented 3. Provide a detailed analysis of the decisions taken in the preparation and design of the adverts - try and include relevant images in the design. Resources: BTEC Level 3 Book 1 Textbook

Task 3c to be...
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