Business Communication

Topics: Communication, Employment, Graphic communication Pages: 5 (1938 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The importance of communication in organizations
’’Business communication is a tool that allows you to improve the performance of your employees, it allows you to improve the performance of the teams within your company, and it allows you to improve the performance of your entire organization, all with the common purpose to execute the organization’s strategy, reach its vision, and fulfil its mission.’’ Communication skills do not always refer to the way in which we communicate with other people. Communications skills combine a lot of things, for example the way of speaking to other people by our body language and voice. Firstly we are going to refer on the importance of communication in organizations. Good communication skills are important aspects in companies and organizations because they contribute to a company’s destruction or improvement. Communication skills can be particularly important to the relationship between the suppliers and clients, in organizations strategy, deals with the costumers, in management and generally to achieve the goals.

The presence of Business Communication in an organization plays an important role to the increasing performance of the employees in organizations and also results to an increase in the efficiency and quality of the organization. Therefore, it is necessary for a company to recruit or train people that have good communication skills in order for them to be able to contribute in a positive way in the company. Good communication in an organization helps employees to be able to work in teams and be more collaborative among each other, which helps organizations reach their goals and objectives that they need to reach success. Employees will learn to work in large groups and this will reduce the probability of making mistakes in the workspace. Those who can work in teams, communicate better with their colleagues and with the higher hierarchy in the business so they have a different feeling and view of the company. They feel more controlled, coefficient and secured since they are more likely to communicate with everyone and learn more about the job, feel as though they are welcomed and able to approach anyone about any issues concerning the job. Being able to work as a successful team player and have good business communication skills provides numerous advantages not only for the employee in the organisation but also for everyone that has to do with the business. One of the most important elements in a company is the communication ability that the people who are at the highest level of hierarchy have in order to be able to maintain a close contact with the suppliers, to negotiate good deals with them and have a good relationship with them in general trough the practise of good business communication. In addition, the manager and the owner of the company that are the ones that direct the pathway of the company towards success, are of extreme importance to have good communication skills. Their role is to provide help to their employees by giving them the right instructions and information on their tasks, and make their employees feel confident to raise issues, feel free to talk about their problems and generally to feel secure in their working environment. This will help them reduce the level of stress they tend to have and increase their knowledge, diversity of views and...
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