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NZIM Diploma in Management L5

Student Name: Maninder Kaur
Student ID: ND12123590
Course Name: 560 Business Communication
Assessment: A
Due Date: 10/04/2013

Signature: Question 1:
A. Explain the process theory, one of the most common theories, in your own words. Process theory: all communication can be considered as a process in which message follows path from sender to receiver. In this process theory, Natalie starts works at a restaurant but she will look after the bar. The bar manager bill says the Natalie for help in the bar because its quite busy. She is bit nervous because she has had enough training but, she starts conversation with customer a good smile. Customer asks for the drink but Natalie not sure about but the customer order. She calls to the manager Brad, and tell him the situation. He took the order again and serve the customer. Then Natalie again ask from the Brad for credit cart procedure. At the end, she thinks that she has not start well in her first day in bar. B. Apply the Process Theory by indentifying the list of main elements of communication that apply to the above scenario: Sender: Bill, Customer, Natalie

Receiver: Natalie, Brad
Verbal message: Bill asks Natalie for help Brad in the bar during busy time. Non-Verbal message: Natalie fill out the credit card form, write out a tab card, and record the name of the customer nad the tab number on the computer. Channel: Face-to face, writing record, computer.

Feedback: Natalie tells Brad “she did not understand the customer order because of music”. He takes the order again and serve the customer. Barriers:
Physical barrier: Customer asks for the drinks to be put on tab to Natalie in the loud music in the bar. Psychological barrier: Natalie could not pay attention on...
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