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Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Western Europe Pages: 4 (819 words) Published: February 2, 2015
Janeve Pruitt
Mr. Fauntleroy & Ms. Lodes
Period 3 & 7
Learning Goal- SWBAT support claims in an analysis of a substantive topic, use valid reasoning relevant and sufficient evidence. LT- Using Technology
Byzantine civilization is important because without it the modern Western world would not exist. Byzantium preserved and protected the very foundations of Western civilization, and it remains every bit as important as the ancient empires of classical Greece and Rome to civilization as we know it.

Byzantium, in fact, was the empires of Greece and Rome. It was the Eastern Roman Empire - the Rome that never "fell" until 1453 AD. The Eastern Empire provided continuous civilization and government for over a thousand years. For much of that time it rivaled the Roman Empire in size, and continued to field the most powerful and organized army and navy in the known world. Byzantium was as rich if not richer than ancient Rome during most of its history, and it maintained a culture equally advanced.

The Byzantine Empire was the Shield of the West, actively protecting all of Europe from both invasion and cultural destruction. Without Byzantium, Islam would almost certainly today be the only surviving religion in Europe. Without Byzantium even secular Greco-Roman history and culture would likely have been lost - just as the histories, cultural traditions and even the monuments of the Pre-Islamic civilizations of the Middle East were for centuries deliberately ignored and forgotten.

Many Eastern armies crashed against the gates of Constantinople in the quest to push Westward into weak and disorganized Dark Ages Europe. All were turned back for a millennium. The almost ceaseless wars the Eastern Roman Empire endured were a sacrifice that preserved Classical knowledge and tradition from death. During this centuries long process Byzantium became weaker - eventually leading to its destruction. Yet during these centuries the kingdoms of the...
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