Cambodia sex slave

Topics: Slavery, Human trafficking, Prostitution Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: September 27, 2014
Atul Karki
Date- 10/15/11

Nicholas D. Kristof: If this isn't slavery, what is?
The article talks about the sex trafficking in PhnomPehn, a city in Cambodia. It describes the pain of the young girls who are forcedly dragged into the world of prostitution. Cambodia is counted as one of most popular countries in sex trafficking. The article talks about 13 years old pross who hadn't even had her first period and was kidnapped and sold her to a brothel in Phnom Penh. They were given electric current until they agreed to have a sex with the customers. Brothel owners normally charged large amount of money to their customers to had sex with young virgin girls. They were even painfully stitched up so pross could be resold as a virgin. One of the pross with whom the writer interviewed told that she was beaten every day, two or three times a day and also given electric shocks twice in the same day. It's too much of pain for them. But they have no choice, it had became their fate.

The article also talks about many brothel where teenage girls are slave labors. Pross becomes a doll in the hands of brothel owners. They have to obey whatever ordered by their owner. In the article, the pross told that she was never paid for having sex and  had no right to insist on condoms. Twice she became pregnant and was subjected to crude abortions. Article also talks about Sina who help to rescue 13 years old pross. Sina was also rescued by Somaly Mam, a trafficking survivor who started the Somaly Mam Foundation in Cambodia to fight sexual slavery. The writer talks about the" Wilberforce Act", which just passed by congress which will take action against sex slavery. I think the article is very sad and touchy. The way the pross was treated was very wrong. After reading this article, I became interested to know more about the sex slavery in Cambodia. I watched different videos and pictures about Cambodia and its was amazed by the fact that I came through. Many...
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