Career & Personality Traits Essay

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Want Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Careers & Personality Traits Essay

As my first career that I personally like would be a Registered Nurse. On the paper as an option with the box that matches my personality, also has nursing on it as well. Even thou it just say nurse on it they are still both that same. I picked this career because my grandma is very sick with Lupus; I want to be able to help my grandma get better. If I can be one more doctor and find out what’s wrong or what disease people have that they don’t know about. If I could do that, me alone could make a difference in the world in today’s generation. If we had other people that cared about how sick other people are the world would be so much better. Not as many people would be sick and there might even be a cure for some of the things we didn’t now about. My second career that I chose is Cosmetology. The closest thing on the paper that is even close to Cosmetology would be a Pharmacist. Cosmetology is challenging as a career that combines, public service, chemistry and artistry. I enjoy helping people look and feel great about themselves. Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? Everyone wants to look pretty in there own way. Not many people want be to be a Cosmetologist for the fact they have to touch others hair, which could be nasty. A Pharmacist almost does the same thing. They make people feel good by giving them medication. To ease the pain that someone is in. Without Pharmacist people would die. Without the helping of them there really wouldn’t be a world left. I think I would be good at a Pharmacist but I’m not sure I could handle people coming to my house asking me for drugs if they knew where I lived. That could be a bad deal, instead give them a nice fresh hair cut that you can always fix. My third career that I chose is Behavior Analysis. On my Personality Trait paper Behavior Analysis isn’t on here, but it’s almost the same thing as a Psychologist. A Psychologist helps people that have a mental disorder or an...
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