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Question 1:
Provide an understanding of y the dispersion of a parent company culture into the design of a foreign owned subsidiary human resource practices maybe imp for a multinational corporation?


Parent company:
A parent company is a company that owns enough voting stock in another firm to control management and operations by influencing or electing its board of directors.

Corporation human resource policies seemed to be shaped by the national culture, in which the company is operating. Some time corporation imposed some of their corporation human resource policies on their new foreign subsidiaries. The extent to which corporations imposed their culturally based human resource policies varied dramatically depending on prior experiences the corporation had with foreign ownership. Hence, the MNC must design HR-systems that balance the needs of both local responsiveness and global integration. This dispersion helps in improving performance of subsidiaries and increases its efficiency, probability of success, market value of a company, customer satisfaction, development of product and service and some policies need to be modified with time and technology advancement for better performance of employees and output.

Question 2:
How national culture can influence corporate culture and HR policies and practices? Answer:

The differentiation between national culture and organizational culture was that organizational culture was related to daily practices in companies and national culture was related to the shared values of a nation’s people. National culture can influence corporate culture and HR policies and practices. Let’s take an example of the North American national culture and that of France organizational culture. North Americans have been...
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