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Integrative Paper – Week 8

The Heart of Change
Organizational Behavior and Management:
We Go Hand and Hand

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LaTascha Durden

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Betty Rottman
MNGT 5590 Organizational Behavior
Summer 2013
Webster University

20 July 2013


According to Kotter and Cohen, change is successful when you make people feel differently. How one feels or their perception of their work environment will impact production, efficiency, and retention. Emphasis is placed on the “see-feel-change” dynamic. Within many organizations that recognize change is profitable they miss the proper approach when it comes to implementation of the need change. Successful change does not come from analysis and reports. Change is grass root and simple, if you show employee the problems, how to solve them and, give then incentive to do so you then ultimately changing their behavior (Kotter and Cohen, p.7).   Technology and Globalization have caused markets and organization to grow at a rapid pace (Kotter and Cohen, pg 26). Along with growth comes change. The demands placed on organizations, its’ employees, and work environment have stretched organizational resources and they are forced to do more for less, causing organization to change their view and the way they focus on retention, performance requirements, and the overall approach to business. Organization will be left behind if they do not learn how to effectively manage change. Organizations are well aware that change is the rule and must be followed. As with any thing you will have those who drag along some kicking and screaming and other just out right refuse to change those organization will be left in the red. You also have these who don’t believe that some changes in industry standards or practices will last or stick so they decide to wait out the change. Sometimes when you see the sign that a company has been in business wince 1940 but the establishment is empty and the same size it was in 1940; you will find an owner that “ the old way of business is the best way of business” and by doing so they are left behind not only I technology but also in employee retention and of course economically. Resisting the reality of change will lead to conflict, reduced performance, job dissatisfaction, decreased morale, and increased turnover (Ivancevich, Konopaske, & Matteson, p.7-9).  Kotter and Cohen, the authors of The Heart of Change have simplified the art of effective change. Their message through the book is that people change what they do primarily because they are shown a truth that influences their feelings. In other words, they do not change organizational processes, workflows, regulations, or practices as a consequence of some systematic effort in which their thoughts and knowledge are rearranged, but rather as a response to something that can connect to on an emotional level.

According to Kotter the concepts of change often leads to initiatives to promote change that fails simply because they have not been developed from the perspective of the need for a sequential process of identifying what is wrong and needs to be changed, the alternatives for change that are available, the best strategies for bringing about change, and the actual mechanisms which must be activated to ensure that change occurs but from a reaction to market failures. (Kotter & Cohen, 2002), Kotter and Cohen (2002) base their text on two sets of interviews involving almost 400 individuals from 130 organizations. They found that feelings rather than thought processes tend to shape organizational change efforts on a large scale. John Kotter and Dan Cohen identify and express through real world cases the “Eight Stages of Successful Large Scale Change”.   The authors’ points out that the root of change begins with the changing of the behavior of people. The stages discussed in the book the factors that are evident in the work...
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