Case Study 3

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Case Study 3
MGMT-591 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
Stephen Jeong
May 26, 2014

Part I: Group Development
The Woodson Foundation and the representatives from the Washington, D.C pubic school system would be classified under the first stage of the group-development model. The group is in the initial stages of group-development identified as the “forming stage, which is characterized, by a great deal of uncertainty about the group’s purpose, structure and leadership” (Stephen, 275). At this point the group has yet to formalize its structure along with leadership. Both groups have agreed that the development of a “new agency that will draw on resources from both organizations” (Stephen, 629) that will assist in creating the experimental after-school program. The two institutions have agreed common goals the first being most important of meeting the needs of students by increasing student learning. Secondly, the Woodson Foundation and NCPIE are interested in accomplishing the act of ore parents being engaged in the system. These common goals will help structure the new agency’s purpose. In opinion, the group has a foundation of interest regarding the “new agency’s” purpose but does not have a set of core values and a mission established for its leaders to develop structure. The group has decided on the formation of an executive development team and has a pool of candidates to choose from. By understanding the different stages of group-development the Woodson Foundation should be able to recognize the steps that are required in order to attain cohesiveness amongst leadership, values, mission and the purpose of the new agency. A clear understanding of group-development stages will assist the leaders from each organization to collectively come together to systematically create strategies towards overcoming each stage with cohesiveness in mind.

Part II: Problem Identification
When forming a new group of any sort it is imperative to understand how individual membership is going to positively or adversely affect the organizational structure towards working in the direction of the groups’ objectives and goals. Each member of the group will have their own social identity, values, decision-making, influences and more importantly their ability to conform to the groups’ goals. Individual membership ultimately changes the dynamic of how the group functions together towards the goals of the organization. The Woodson Foundation needs to fully comprehend that the individuals involved in the team are to support the groups’ goals as a whole, which is an important process in the formation of the executive development team.

In opinion, the primary problem that the new agency is more than likely going to encounter is the demographic diversity amongst the two leading organizations. “There is some concern with the idea that a new group that does not understand the demographic concerns of the community will be so involved in a major change in educational administration” the statement is in reference to the Woodson Foundation being predominately staffed by Caucasian professions based out of northern Virginia. The Washington, D.C. school district hugely serves African American students along with large populations of Caucasians and Hispanics. “Demographics mostly reflect surface-level diversity” (Stephens, 42), by understanding the different levels of diversity, the new agency leaders should be able to get in front of the prospective issues and provide diversity training and team workshops prior to actual issues arising. Which would be more on the lines of preventative work. “Evidence has shown that as people get to know one another, they become less concerned about demographic differences” (Stephens, 42) leaders of the two organizations should come together in workshop forums with the common goal of getting to...
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