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Situational approaches -Consistency and Leadership

Eileen Nolland works with jacks company .Its a small company with 12 employees .She is responsible for her work and also always top of all work and in any situation she needs to handles with customs or employees she is top of all work.Her duties are answering phone,entering orders into the system to tracking inventory and updating client files,back up for other colleagues, Handles sales staff commissions and employee benefits, makes decision of purchasing decisions for the office, Shopping office needs and comparing for shaving,handling all work and personal issues of Jack's, She was like "the go to person" for her boss.So this all situation keeps always Eileen top of all employees and she was like given preferential treatment that's what some employees thought and also some staff resent Eileen's connection to Jack.But actually Jack was interested that all employees should be like Eileen.Eileen work hard but also complains some time of working late night fixing filing error and tired and boss use to send her home and rest saying “She worked so hard last night, and she won’t be any good today. I told her to go home and sleep. Be back tomorrow and start fresh” . So , from Jack's point of view Eileen is invaluable to team as she is always has necessary data to consider, is quick to point out benefits or potential hardships to clients and almost always presents a solution.He wish to more employees approach as Eileen does. Performance of the leader or employee affects other employees in positive or negative ways. Favourism for on employee and not for other can make other employees to motivate to work like good work make them think about the performance of the leader.Good workers are always good and have good performance in front of the leaders.

Review/Analysis of the case
Analysis of the findings
So , different examples are given by different authors saying that the making employees feel special is advantageous and they work more efficiently. So , we can expect more good performance which is described as follows "A 2013 study by the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business and published in the Journal of Business Ethics found that there is an advantage to making certain employees feel a little more special than the others. When treated better than others in the group, the study found, employees were more likely to experience heightened self-esteem, follow workplace norms and perform tasks that benefit the entire group. They were perceived as both more social and more productive." "As the supervisor of 10 real-estate agents in a large and very competitive New York firm, Jason was constantly trying to reward good work in a way that motivated his employees, without discouraging others. At the same time, he was a firm--and upfront--believer in favoritism. "I was very clear with the crew," he said. "I said, 'Look, I value results, collaboration, kindness and perseverance. Those of you who display these qualities are most likely to receive preferential treatment from me. Your work life will probably be better." Those on his list of "favorites" changed all the time, and the staff knew that; there were always opportunities to get on the boss's good side." "By being careful, selective and clear about his methods, Jason had hit on an important aspect of using favoritism to advantage: transparency. That is, making it obvious to everyone in the office

how they can qualify to become a favorite, too. He showed how favoritism can work when it is done for the right reasons--related exclusively. Eileen’s performance affect Jack's leader behaviors
The way she is performing is the like she is handling whole business in absence of boss.So this situation is like what boss always look in all employees.So, they don't have to worry about...

References: Burke, W. W., & Litwin, G. H. (1992). A causal model of organizational performance and change. Journal of Management, 18(3), 523. Retrieved from
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