Case Study - Ecologic

Topics: Organizational studies, Emotion, Organizational culture Pages: 8 (1550 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Case Study: ECOLOGIC

EMBA Program – Organizational Behavior Version 4.1 1st Version: 15 April 2013 This Version: 20 April 2013

Prepared by :

S Satiavani R Reka Luxshmi

Overview – Quarter 1


February Ecologic Setup
• Non-profit organization – but need to be selfsustainable • 4 divisions (teams): • Cleanliness of beaches, rivers and lakes • Fund raising • Environmental Audit • Project team (lobbying, materials, etc.)

January Capital

• Sally inherit $500k • Use $200k to setup Ecologic




• 3 members join: • Dane – Environmental Engineer • Rudra – Accountant • Ella – Administration Asst. • Company Philosophy laid out: • Highest standard of Environmental Management Setting • Teamwork up values • Open discussion • Empowerment (employees trusted with job – to move on their own) • Rudra prepared initial budget and raised concern on company’s sustainability • Dane suggested to immediately start consulting work • Sally agreed to change modus operandi from simply Open fund raising to obtaining corporate donors • Ella suggested using social media to promote Ecologic • Ella suggested her friend to do website for free Social Media Networking

Environmental Cleanliness

Project Team

Ecologic 4 Divisions

Fund Raising

Environmental Audit

Fail to plan? • No structure – because unsure • Setup job description • Engaged a tax expert friend (free!)

Overview – Quarter 2


The ball starts rolling…



Early signs of Structural Problems taking effect

Bad Emotion

• 2 revenue generating contract signed • Dane requested for 1 more Engineer due to increasing work volume • Rudra has little work, so he sent out letters to companies in SE for donations and consulting work • Sally got a call from former company about the letter and caught by surprise • Sally, who was already emotionally disturbed by personal events, confronted Rudra heatedly on his action (outburst) • Rudra cited the Company Philosophy (empowerment) to justify his action but Sally retorted • The next day Sally apologized



Motivation drops…

• Dane gave positive report • Ann hired by Dane as Property Development engineer • Dane focus on brewery, left Ann to handle first meeting alone with client • Ann asked for funds to purchase equipment, Dane push to Sally, but Sally not available many days • Ella reminded of company Philosophy: Empowerment (staff make own decisions), so Ann bought equipment for $27k • In meeting, Rudra said the purchase should No Structure – have run through him first people confused! • Sally also concerned • Dane says it is ok • Ann unhappy but quiet Communication breakdown?

• Good progress in consulting and donations

Extra effort to be a team player not recognized

• Rudra starting to get bored and felt not needed – felt Unorganized. No guidance? that Sally should have hired a part-time bookkeeper • Sally said Ecologic needs better communication. rather than a full time accountant Rudra agreed but everybody’s role is not • To make himself useful, Rudra researched clear. Sally simply said, “Use common sense”. community environmental work in India but in staff No ORGANIZATIONAL meeting received a negative reception STRUCTURE! • Ella asked for $500 contribution for a personal trip that could also enable her to study the environment, but turned down because of Ecologic’s tight budget • On website, Ella curtly said the friend is still working on it but been away on holiday Personal interest, can’t handle rejection?

• Ella said friend still working on website and will No deadline set? inform when finished

Overview – Second half of the year


Things began to falter…


September Things still going ok?
• Dane’s projects – one is going well, the other is making client unhappy on certain aspects, but Dane has no time to meet up with the dissatisfied client • $100k raised from donations but for projects, not for opex

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