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Tutorial 1

1. Ice-breaking session.

2. Self introduction by tutor and students.

3. Briefing on unit plan and assignments

4. Tutorial expectation and student’s participation

5. Team formation for group assignment. (approximately 5-6 members per group)

6. Explain the term Organizational Behavior (OB).

Tutorial 2

1. Why do managers need to study Organisational Behaviour (OB)?

2. The changing workforce is one of the emerging trends in organizational behavior. Describe how the workforce is changing and briefly identify two consequences of these changes for organizations.

3. A courier service laid off a large percentage of its production staff during last year's recession. These low-skilled employees performed routine tasks filling orders. The company now wants to rehire them. However, most of the unskilled employees have since found employment in other companies and industries. Do you think the courier company lost much intellectual capital in this situation? Explain your answer.

4. List and explain the four philosophical anchors of organizational behavior.

5. Comment on the accuracy of the following statement and explain your answer: "Companies improve organizational citizenship only by hiring employees with the right values." 

Tutorial 3

1. Define employee engagement and discuss the MARS model of individual behavior.

2. Store #34 of CDA Hardware Associates has had below average sales over the past few years. As head of franchise operations, you are concerned with the continued low sales volume. The store manager wants you to diagnose the problem and recommend possible causes. Use the MARS model of individual behavior and performance to provide four different types of reasons why employees at Store #34 might be performing below average. Provide one example for each type of explanation. 

3. As the district manager responsible for six stores in a large electronics retail chain, you have had difficulty with the performance of some sales staff. Although they are initially motivated and generally have good interpersonal skills, many have difficulty with the complex knowledge of the diverse range of store products, ranging from computers to high fidelity sound systems. Describe three strategies you might apply to improve the match between the competencies of new sales staff and the job requirements.

4. List and explain the Big Five Personality Dimensions.

5. A middle manager in Malaysia who is about to be stationed for two years to Canada. Canada has relatively low power distance whereas employees in Malaysia have quite high power distance. Advise the Malaysian manager about what to expect from Canadian employees based on the differences in power distance. Your answer should also define power distance.

Tutorial 4

1. Define perception and outline the perceptual process.

2. Discussed the problems with stereotyping and the strategies to minimize stereotyping bias.

3. A supervisor receives regular information about a sales employee's performance (e.g. sales volume, incomplete paperwork, etc.) and must complete a performance appraisal of the person's work. The supervisor has a complete description of the employee's job but has never worked in the field as a sales representative. Moreover, the supervisor is relatively new to this job and therefore has little experience observing or appraising the performance of salespeople. What attribution error is likely to occur under these conditions and what effect would it have on the performance appraisal results?

4. Describe how a manager or coach could use the process of self-fulfilling prophecy to enhance an individual’s performance....
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