Case Study: Organization Behaviour

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1.0What do you think caused Deborah react in such manner towards Melinda? Do you think these reactions are justified? Organizational change is the alteration of the way in which people are organized (Dessler Gary, 2002). This can be something as simple as an organization restructuring itself in relative to resources, for example human resources as the case may be. However the housing industry association in Brisbane brought about an organizational change relative to the human resources in the company by promoting the 2-year-old working staff in the company to be the Executive support manager. By and large, change in an organizational setting is somewhat hard basically on the part of employees in the organization as it seems hard to alter habits, attitudes, and ethics at work in response to organizational objectives. Change in the context of an organization is defined as persuasive influence, where all aspects are subjects to continual change of one form or another. (Mullins, 2005, p.909). Melinda’s promotion in the organization created a problem for Deborah who because of the attitudes towards jobs failed to be promoted. This has actually caused her to react in many bad ways such as bad-mouthing attitude against Melinda to other staff in the organization and making some derogatory remarks about her to other staff in the company through the use of strong critics that she is an egotistical slave-driver with no respect for the people who are being supervised. Personally, it can be inferred that Deborah was caught in a change resistance. Organization change resistance threatens structures of power with members resisting and questioning the object being changed. (Smith, C. A. 2003). In this case study it can be established that change resistance crept in the organization through two ways. Firstly, she feels that way because she thinks it’s unfair to have promoted Melinda having just worked few years, precisely two years in the company. She feels like she has spent fifteen years in the company and has accrued experience and skills that matches any promotion. Secondly, Deborah resisted the change in the structure within the facet of the organization because of her own selfish acts, specifically freedom to do whatever she likes in the company. She very much understands that the new office that is created for Melinda will closely monitor all the staff and that means that she will not at liberty to do those things again. From the case study, it is learnt that Deborah misuses her office in allocating more than one hour, to be precise two hours for the break while at work and she closes always at work one hour before the normal closing hour with the reason that she would be picking up the kids for home. All these are personal reasons for Deborah and are those that are behind her resistance to the new structures of the organization which elevates Melinda. Moreover, she feels more threatened that the laziness in her at work will be corrected by a two-year old working staff in the company, a phenomenon which she really frowns at. It can be argued that none of Deborah’s reactions are justified in any forms. From the case study, it can be assumed that Melinda’s appraisal at work is interesting and encouraging to have been recommended for such position at such early year of service in the organization. It is also an assumption that the whole staff is in the know of Deborah’s bad attitude at work and for that, there is a need to make her redress. If she is performing very great, or excellently well, then she wouldn’t have felt threatened at work. It is also understood that if Deborah is recommended for the task, she will not be able to perform well in line with the duties and responsibilities which she herself is a failure. Therefore, for an organization like HIA to run well, there is a need for a positive and good attitude staff to run the affairs. 2.0What could Melinda have done to better resolve this issue with Deborah? Melinda sensed...

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