Cause and Effect Essay

Topics: Health care, Old age, Health Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Ajaratu Sanu
February 10, 2013
ESL 1010
Prof Joshua Gillespie

My Community

The early American view of social welfare was influenced by the English model referring to the 1601. System were established to care for the poor, and sick those individuals without families, and mentally ill. These institutions or almshouses were unsanitary, and staffed by untrained workers and physicians with limited education. The frequent occurrence of epidemic illnesses drove local governments to establish institutions to separate sick, and potentially contagious individuals from the healthy population. These populations comprises of people from different ethnic groups living in same environment under the supervision of medical practitioners. As a member of this community, I am a nursing assistant in a health care facility. Pretty much I enjoy working with elderly people who are old and sick. Ethically, I have the qualification needed for working with people who are in need of help with the activities of daily living. But, there are several issues affecting our community that needs urgent attention like, neglects, unhealthy environment and financial problems. Firstly, neglect is a major factor affecting our community. The elderly people we care for needs adequate attention for instance, personal and oral hygiene are difficult to maintain without external help, our elderly residents are left to shift for themselves, for clean change of clothes, even such basics like grooming, and bathing. Our resident are not receiving the quality care that is been expected from the staff, because of the work load and limited staffing. However, this kind of neglect can be as devastating as any physical abuse but can be very subtle in its onset and manifestation. Overburden staff can often let the stress of their everyday life prevent friendly interaction with residents. In order to prevent this kind of neglects the facility needs...
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