CBR Ancient Greece: Voyages Through Time

Topics: Greece, Athens, Minoan civilization Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: October 16, 2013
Ancient Greece Voyages Through Time by Peter Ackroyd is a very informational book. It talked of all topics of all people that lived ancient Greece. It was quite detailed as well. The author’s major theme was discussing the ancient peoples who had lived in ancient Greece, not just the Greeks. His motive was to educate people on the ancient Greeks and other ancient civilizations that had lived in Greece. Peter Ackroyd has written many other historical books. This one of his books in his “Voyages Through Time” series. He is a very acclaimed author, receiving much praise for his work. The Minoan civilization was the earliest civilization in Europe and flourished for many years. They were an unknown civilization until the 20th century when British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans had discovered a great palace at Knossos in Crete. The Minoans traded with the Egyptians and with people who had lived on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean sea. They built many palaces and each had its own king. There is some evidence proving that the Minoans had practiced human sacrifices, but other than that there is little known about the Minoan religion. The most important thing done was theydeveloped two systems of writing. First they had used hieroglyphics but then developed a writing known as Linear A. “The world of the Minoans was highly organized” (11). This statement is quite discouraging because I read no concrete evidence proving of their organization.

Then the Mycenaeans came and settled on mainland Greece. They were named after a famous palace that was located in Mycenae. Archaeologists have discovered what are called “shaft graves” dating from about 1650 BCE. The Mycenaeans had believed in life after death and buried their dead. Just like the Egyptians they buried them with jewel, weapons and other artifacts. The Mycenaeans had written in clay tablets in a language known as Linear B. earthquakes had destroyed much of the Mycenaean peoples’ houses and palaces leaving no...
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