Challenges & Benefits of Elderly

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Challenges and Benefits of the Elderly

Elderly African Americans have the highest incidence of health related problems. This poses a great challenge to them as they age. They have a 2.5 times greater rate of hypertension than the non-hispanic white population. This, in turn increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Unemployment rates are far higher than those of other groups and may be due to lower levels of education. A small percentage, about 10%, advance higher in education and are comfortable in retirement because they owned a large business or worked in a large corporation. But, 33% remain in deprivation of the "underclass" and live in the inner cities with substandard housing and may still work past the age of 65 to support themselves. A benefit to the Elderly African Americans would be The Affordable Care Act which will provide affordable health care coverage to nearly 3.8 million African Americans by 2016. The services provided could help with treatment and preventative services that most would not have access to for treatable conditions.

Elderly Hispanic Americans have nearly the same challenges as African Americans, but they do seem to bear a little differently. Elderly Hispanics suffer from the same health conditions, but seem to have a lower rate of incidence. This could be due to genetic make up or diet related. The biggest challenge is the 17% poverty rate among Elderly Hispanics and the obstacle of their minority status. Low illiteracy rates, low working skill levels with no benefits keep them below the poverty line and supply them with little to no Social Security benefits. They are also likely to work over the age of 65 to support themselves and family. A benefit to the Hispanics is their strong sense of family connection that can help provide for them as they age and, possibly keep them from living in a nursing home.

Elderly Asian Americans challenge was, for the most part, discrimination on arrival here in the U.S. and...
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