Change Proposal Report

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Change Implementation Report
Jennifer Snider
HRM 310
May 5th, 2014
Alesha Alstoft

Change Report for Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods has evaluated areas in the organization to determine possible changes to implement. Upon evaluation of the organization’s areas Kudler Fine Foods has decided to implement changes in the sales and marketing department that will lead to improved sales results. Employee training and the offer of a sales bonus will be crucial in each department’s growth, as sales will increase and customer service will be more enhanced. In order to assess adequately the changes that need to take place and ensure that they are effect in reaching the goal the organization is trying to achieve there are measures that need to be monitored and gauged. The change process needs to include possible opportunities, resistors, the organizations culture and the effect that the change can have on the culture, and future change initiatives. Once the change is determined implementation is needed, monitoring the change from beginning stages to the stage of change being successful is necessary. Incorporating the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) provides for Kudler Fine Foods to monitor the change from the initial stages to the outcome of the changes. OCI allows for managers and supervisors to access the effectiveness of the change process. Measurement and observation tools and techniques will allow accurate outcomes. The observation tools and techniques show the sales growth, make more informed and solid decisions, adding to the growth of the sales department and thus growing the organization in retrospect. In addition, benchmarking will be a measurement system that Kudler Foods will implement to monitor the success of the change from the development stage through the implementation of the change. Benchmarking will allow for goals and standards to be reached as in the initial development stage aspects of quality, time, and cost will be defined. As the change is implemented Kudler Foods will be able to track the progress of each department and how the change is directly improving the sales. Plotting the data throughout the process of change allows for improvements to be made instantaneously which will save time, money, and limit confusion and resistance that could occur during the change. Many industries incorporate benchmarking for monitoring change processes. In addition to the food industry, the retail industry uses benchmarking as it is simple, inexpensive, and timely. For example, through benchmarking retail stores have been able to determine how many employees to have during a time span, inventory to have readily available, and items to offer to consumers, thus increasing success in implementing change and satisfying their consumers. Adjustments help organizations to make better decisions to receive the results that are wanted and positive. Adjustments will include the organization toward effective and timely moves to increase sales function. When determining the changes that Kudler Fine Foods wants to implement identifying possible opportunities is important as it will add to the determination of obtaining those changes. Upon improving the sales department, other departments can be affected and therefore areas inadvertently changed or shed light to changes that can be made to those departments or areas. With the sales department changes adding to the overall organizational change, Kudler Fine Foods as a whole could benefit in a positive direction. With the sales department implementing the changes of training and incenting their employees, it will create the opportunity for the improvement in the operations department as the customer service provided to the consumer will be increased. For example, by suggestively up-selling an item that needs to be sold the operations and sales department will work collectively toward meeting...

References: Leban, B., & Stone, R. (2008). Managing organizational change (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
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