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Planning for the Chevy Volt

Planning for the Chevy Volt
What Does the Chevy Volt Case Tell about the Nature of Strategic Decision-making at a Large Complex Organization like General Motors? Chevy Volt issues show how strategic decision-making at the leading complex company, for example, General Motors can be hard and exceptionally challenging. This is because they need more time to make sure that you have convinced other stakeholders to support the ideas for new work strategies (Holstein, 2009). In the case it showed that General Motors’ vice chairman and the head of RD&D had agreed to make this in 2003, though other managers let them down; but later, in 2007, other managers joined their hands for Chevy Volt project’s success. The strategy is based on the assumption of reducing the emission of carbon and urges the citizens to avoid the produce of carbon in the environment (Holstein, 2009). The External Environmental Trends That Favored the Pursuit of Chevy Volt Project The external environmental trends that favored the Chevy Volt Project are lowering the oil prices. Introduction of lithium-ion sports cars by Tesla Motors in the market, concern for global warming issues which can end up to the tighter laws put in place to control the emission of carbon, falling costs for manufacturing batteries made of lithium-ion and selling of Toyota hybrid Prius indicated that clients demanded for vehicles that use fuel but do not produce carbon that affects the environment, causing environmental degradation ((Holstein, 2009). Impediments of Pursuing Chevy Volt Project Which Existed Within General Motors The factors that prevented the outcome of this project within General Motors are the finance and lack of enough support, needed towards the project, being afraid of failing once more at producing the non-working electrical vehicles and the issue in acquiring new technology to manufacture more lithium-ion battery. Finally, the total cost to...

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Holstein, W. J. (2009). Why GM matters: Inside the race to transform an American icon. New York: Walker.
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