Child Prostitution

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Fighting Against Child Prostitution
Child prostitution is a prominent and apparent problem in many countries. Today, ten million children worldwide are part of the sex industry in some form and every year the number of children becoming prostitutes is increasing. Then why the government or people are not trying to stop the prostitution, but only the number of child prostitution is increasing? A controversial issue is whether people should fight against child prostitution. I believe that we should fight against child prostitution and try to prevent it. From my point of view prostitution is harmful for the child’s health and emotions that affects his/her future. Most of the children live with the hope to have a beautiful family and children in the future. Children should have a chance to live a happy and successful life; however, the prostitution will never help them to reach these goals. Prostitution is damaging to children because it leads to the behavioral, emotional and social problems.

Child prostitution has a tremendous effect on the child’s health, behaviors and emotions. This is a cause that may result negative effects in the physical, behavioral, emotional and sexual life. The behavioral signs that prostituted children may show are bed wetting, nightmares, irritability, eating problems, secretiveness, compulsive washing and/or masturbation, unwarranted fear of people and places, refusal to attend school, withdrawal from family and social situations, running away from home, and reenactment of abuse on objects or with others (Willis & Levy, 2002). Children should live freely, and they should not live with those terrifying behavioral problems and barriers that are ruining their lives. They are our hope of the bright future. Children’s involvement in prostitution is not only breaking their future, but it is also affecting the future of our world and society. Also, children prostitution cause sexual symptoms that include unusual interest in or avoidance of sexual ideas and materials, seductive behaviors, creating drawings that illustrate sexual acts, and encouraging others to perform sexual acts. Therefore, children that are involved in prostitution are going to lead other innocent children to have more active sexual lives. Children’s view of this world would become so inappropriate, and they would start to think that having sex connections at minor age is a norm in our society which is not a norm. Prostituted children will show many emotional symptoms that are more common in their lives that include: depression, anxiety, inappropriate anger, rebellion, and suicidal attempts. Children who faced child prostitution are at high risk of infectious disease, pregnancy, mental illness, substance abuse, and violence (Dove & Miller, 2007). Child prostitution brings children into sexual addiction and makes the child to constantly think about sex and many sex partners that they had. Constant thinking about sexual acts becomes part of the child’s identity because prostitution becomes their life which is making them sexual slaves. Many prostituted children with behavioral, emotional and sexual problems commit suicide because they lose the point of life.

Children that are in prostitution industry do not have a bright future. They stop thinking about their future and lose the reason to live because prostitution is blocking anything good and bright to come into their lives. Many children who faced child prostitution in childhood may result main effects in adulthood such as interpersonal and social problems. For example, they would have lower levels of self-esteem, insecure and disorganized attachments in adult relationships, instability and lower levels of satisfaction in intimate relationships, higher rates of separation and divorce, and higher risk for perpetrating property offenses, domestic violence, and felony assault (Dove & Miller, 2007). Whatever happens in the person’s childhood will affect his/her future....

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