Child Prostitution in Vietnam

Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Commercial sexual exploitation of children Pages: 10 (3506 words) Published: September 29, 2012
What is known about the issue of child prostitution?
The sexual exploitation of children through prostitution is a deceptive form of commercialized violence against the world’s most vulnerable citizens. When a child’s childhood is spent in prostitution, it can lead to a numerous of life-threatening consequences for the physical, spiritual, psychological and social development of children. Another factor by which prostitution of children is affective is the fact that it presents substantial challenges to the public sectors such as the justice departments and social service systems which are faced with the responsibility of holding offenders accountable and treating the offended children from present as well as preventing future exploitation. In Vietnam, the children that are involved in prostitution range from the ages of 13 to 18 years. There are two areas in Vietnam where prostitution takes place; there is the northern area and the southern area. The ages of the children that are mostly involved in prostitution in the northern area are between the ages of 15 and 17 years and in the Southern area between the ages of 13 and 17 years, although the majorities are from age 15 to 17. In the prostitution in Vietnam the word children is often used because girls as well as boys are involved, even though there is a higher number of girls that are exposed than boys. The education level of the children in prostitution is very poor. Most of the children hadn’t completed primary school. There is a distinct difference in the education levels of the children from the northern area and the southern area. In the northern area, there is a higher level of children who have completed lower education levels and some has completed primary school. In the southern area, the levels were much lower as to one-fourth of the children are illiterate and a small group of children had completed lower education levels. In contrast to Vietnam, In Brazil the ages of the children engaged in prostitution begins from as young as 8 to 17 years. There are several areas in Brazil where prostitution can be found, these areas include the Northern eastern outback (poorest area in Brazil), in the coastal North-Eastern cities of Brazil such as Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador, and lastly in Belem which can be located on the mouth of the Amazon. In relation to the child prostitutes in Vietnam, the children in Brazil rarely have any form of education. They education levels of the children are very low. Due to the ages that they start to prostitute, they are forced to leave school, if they attended at all to prostitute. Most of the children that prostitute in Brazil are homeless or they are being forced into prostitution in order to support their families. A large quantity of these child prostitutes are illiterate and briefly attended lower education levels or primary school. Push Factors in Vietnam and Brazil

Child prostitution does not just happen. There are several factors that influence and push children to prostitution. Misery and poverty is the most common reason leading to prostitution of children that come from very poor or broken families. Families usually sell their female children for services. This is done to increase the household income to fill the caps that the parents are unable to fill. Parents are then able to buy food, clothing and other necessities. Most children are made to believe that this is the only means of survival and that they are a great asset to their families. Unemployment is another major influence in child prostitution. Unemployment of the parents or child (ren) affects the income of the household leaving the only alternative or means of income to prostitution. In order to upkeep the family by this means the child is forced into prostitution. Poor education, leads to prostitution as children received only lower levels of education and cannot support themselves materially, therefore forcing them into prostitution as a form of a...
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