Child Trafficking in India

Topics: Prostitution, Commercial sexual exploitation of children, Human trafficking Pages: 9 (2651 words) Published: August 21, 2012

* Trafficking in human beings, especially in women, and children has become a and girls – have been exposed to unprecedented vulnerabilities commercial exploitation of these vulnerabilities has become a massive organized crime and a matter of serious national and international concern. Women and children – boys multimillion dollar business.

* Trafficking violates all known canons of human rights and dignity. In this world of tragic and complex human abuse, women and children form a particularly vulnerable class. Especially In the existing social scenario in India, vulnerability is a product of inequality, low status and discrimination as well as the patriarchal and captivating authority unleashed on children, especially the girl child. All of this is further compounded by an apathetic attitude of society fueled by a mindset which views women as mere chattels. With no freedom of choice and options for a life with dignity, these unlucky women and children are merrily trafficked and exploited forcing them to lead a life crippled with indignity, social stigma, debt bondage and a host of ailments including HIV/AIDS.Thousands of women and children are trafficked every day. Within the overall profile of trafficking in South Asia, India is a country of both transit and destination

* There is movement of children through procurement and sale from one country to another, with India being both a supplier as well as a “consumer”, there is internal “movement” of children within the country itself one town to another, one district to another and one state to another. It is undertaken in an organised manner, by organised syndicates or by individuals, and sometimes informal groups. Relatives and parents are part of this as well.

SO what is Trafficking?
* Trafficking in its widest sense includes not just exploitation of prostitution of others or forms of sexual exploitation, it also includes forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery or trade in human beings for removal of organs. Trafficking clearly violates the fundamental right to a life with dignity. It also violates right to health and health care, right to liberty and security of person, right to freedom from torture, violence, cruelty or degrading treatment. It violates for children who have been trafficked, or victims of child marriages their right to education, it violates the right to employment and the right of self-determination.

* It is defined as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, hiding, or receiving of children for the purpose of exploitation.

1. A recent report by the ILO has shown that there are about 1.2 million children getting abducted every year and the statistics have been increasing by 7%-9% every year. Also, in a country like India where the actual numbers are entirely different from what estimates are made due to inadequate information.

2. More than one-fifth of the brothel population consists of children. With regard to regional distribution, the largest number of children came from Maharashtra, West Bengal and Goa.

3. This can be better illustrated by the fact that in Haryana, if you wish to purchase a buffalo you would have to pay about 14,000 to 18000 Rs whereas for a girl child the price is only Rs 4000.

4. The average age of entry into prostitution or sexual exploitation is 12 years old which means that most of the victims were all children when they started.

5. Newspaper articles and case studies:

* On February 6, Shyamlal Tandi of Kundabutla village in Bongumunda block of Bolangir sold his six-year-old daughter Hema, for Rs. 5000 to a moneylender.The deal is complete with a written document that states the transaction clearly. Ramprasad Mangaraj, on his part says he has adopted and bought the child Shyamlal has been ailing for the last four years. He says I needed the money for treatment...
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