Childhood of lord buddha

Topics: Gautama Buddha, Temple of the Tooth, Relic of the tooth of the Buddha Pages: 5 (736 words) Published: January 17, 2014
Buddha’s Way English Dhamma School
Term Test-December 2013-Grade 4
Name:____________________________Duration -2Hours
Answer all the questions.
Underline the correct answer.
1.How long did bikkhu Bakkula Live?
a. 150 Years
b. 130 Years
c. 160 Years
d. 140 Years
2.To Whom did Kolitha & Upathissa first go to find happiness? a. Alarakalama
b. Sanjaya
c. Uddakaramaputhtte
d. Asitha
3.Where did Visaka go to meet the Buddha?
a. Jethavanaramaya
b. Veluvanaramaya
c. Migadaramaya
d. Kosalaramaya
4.Who was Visaka?
a. Daughter of Dhananjaya
b. Daughter of Poornawardana
c. Daughter of Suddhodana
d. Daughter of Supprabuddha
5.At what age did Visaka attain Sotapanna?
a. 4 Year
b. 7 Year
c. 5 Year
d. 6 Year
6.What is the present given by the Dhananjaya to his daughter Visaka? a. White Horse
b. Three Palace
c. Melapaladhana
d. Crown
7.Whom did Visaka marry?
a. Poornawardhana
b. Dhanawardhana
c. Goonawardhana
d. Jayawardhana
8.How many years did the Buddha stay Poornawardhana?
a. 5 Years
b. 6 Years
c. 7 Years
d. 8 Years
9.How many years did Visaka live?
a. 122 Years
b. 123 Years
c. 121 Years
d. 120 Years
10.What was Angulimala’s earlier name?
a. Avihinsaka
b. Ahinsaka
c. Devadathva
d. Ajasaththa
11. Where was the Angulimala sent for his education?
a. Rjagaha Nuwara
b. Savath Nuwara
c. Taxila Nuwara
d. Devdha Nuwara
12.Who built the Watadageya around Thuparamaya?
a. King Devanamoiyathissa
b. King Vasamba
c. King Dutugamunu
d. King Kavanthisse
13.Who built the Suwarnamali Mangala Maha Chetiya?
a. King Kawanthissa
b. King Dutugamunu
c. King Vasaba
d. King Devanampiyathissa
14.What Relic of the Buddha is enshrined in Suwarnamali Mangala Maha Chetiya? a. Right cheek bone relic
b. Tooth relic
c. Left cheek bone relic
d. Frontal bone relic
15.Where is Kirivehera Chetiya situated?
a. Ragama
b. Anuradhapura
c. Katharagama
d. Polonnaruwa

16.Who built this Kirivehera Chetiya?
a. King Mahanaga
b. King Vasaba
c. King Dutugamunu
d. King Devanampiyathissa
17.Who was Kolitha and Upathissa?
a. Moggallana & Sariputhtte
b. Sariputhtte & Moggallana
c. Ananda & Nalanda
d. Nalanda & Ananda
18.Who has helped Upathissa to find the truth?
a. Nanda Thero
b. Assaji Thero
c. Ananda Thero
d. Rahula Thero
19.Select the other name that Visaka is known as?
a. Nanda Matha
b. Assaji Matha
c. Migara Matha
d. Rahula Matha
20.What are the names of the parents of Angulimala Thero?
a. Bhaggawa & Manthani
b. Suddhodana & Mahamaya
c. Siduhath & Yashodhara
d. Bimbisara & Sujatha

1.Mentioned the name of the king how tried to caught Angulimala? 2.Mentioned the name of the mediation which is done by inhalation and exhalation? 3.Why was bikku Bakkula healthy?
4.Why was he named Angulimala?
5.What is the special name,which is given by the Loard Buddha to monks Sariputhtta and Moggallana? 6.Defind the name “Pindapatha”?
7. Where is the Thuparamaya?
8. Which party of the society get the advantage of hearing the Angulimala Piritha ?Give resons. 9. Complte the following Dhammapada Gatha “Yo Ca Pubbe Pamajjithava”. 10. Mentioned the name of the Jathaka Katha that the Bodisathva spent his life by caring of his father,mother and animals? 11. Where did Arahath Mahinda meet King Devanampiyathissa?

12. What relic was enshrined in the Thuparamaya Chetiya?
13. Defined the name “Watadageya”?
14. Who was the famous priest who renovated this Seruwawila Chetiya? 15. Why we called the vehera Which is in Katharagama as the Kirivehera? 16. Complet the following kavi “Ema pamanin pevasu muni dena thathu”. 17. What kind of student was the Prince Siddhartha was?

18. What is the idea given by the official to the king to prevent the Prince Siddhartha from abandoning all these comforts and riches? 19. Why did the Prince Siddhartha felt happy after seeing the 4th omen? 20. What is the “Dhamma Sala”?

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